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Packaging House walks into Marshmallow

On January 17, 2022, Mr. Wu Lin, the founder of Packaging House, visited our company. Marshmallow is a member unit and strategic partner of Packaging House. Ms. Cui Hua, Marshmallow’s strategic development director, and Mr. Yan Qi, sales director, warmly received them and talked at the meeting. Very happy.
Mr. Yan introduced the company profile and factory details to Mr. Wu. Mr. Wu talked about the origin of joining Packaging House. He learned through the introduction of friends in the industry that this is an industry technology exchange platform that is as close as family, and there are also many friends around him who are members. He looks forward to Marshmallow having more opportunities with peer companies in the future. interaction and cooperation. Mr. Wu thanked Mr. Cui and Mr. Yan for their recognition of Packaging House, and shared the original intention and vision of founding Packaging House to create a high-quality supply chain resource sharing platform, empower brand upgrades, and help Chinese packaging companies become more competitive internationally. "Made in China" truly goes global!


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